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Same Day Appliance Repair

Everyone of us some times have a day when you think the world is crumbling.
You come home, comfortably taking your shoes off, slowly walking in to your kitchen, open the fridge and the only cold air you feel is one on your back.
You look down inside and see warm mess instead of cold food or whatever it suppose to be. Your mind is racing.. you dog sensing something is wrong and start barking uncontrollably, your family cat Mr. Shmeegls jumps on brand new windows drapery, claiming up leaving big ugly holes in process.
I will not say anything about your children because you already lost control and they running around the house, screaming and jumping like crazy persons.
Stop.. Pickup your phone and call us immediately, If you are in Gilbert, AZ we will be at your residence in same day and most likely you fridge will be fixed same day as well.
Seriously.. Yes… it is a dramatization but you got a point.
Our business is to make your life simple, smooth, and anxious free.
We have low service call fee, which is free with repair.
Our prices very compatible, We have most parts on hands and can do service in same day.
So why wait Call Now or schedule an appointment by clicking
here and get 10% discount.

City-Pro Gilbert washer repair
Washing Machine Repairs

If your washer doesn’t spin, leaks or if you have any other issues with it, simply call or complete our online form and we will come right out to find and eliminate the problem.

City-Pro Gilbert refrigerator repair
Refrigerator Repairs
We repair most brands of refrigerators and freezers. If your refrigerator is not cooling, or simply has stopped working, give us a call. We will get you back up the same day.

City-Pro Gilbert dryer repair
Dryer Repairs
If you have any problems with your dryer, such as unusual loud noisy, dryer doesn't turn on, or dryer not heating– give us a call and your dryer will work again in no time.

City-Pro Gilbert oven repair
Stove - Oven Repairs
If your stove burners don’t get hot or you can see sparks but no flame or If your oven doesn’t get hot, isn’t baking properly or you can smell gas then give Bellevue Appliance Repair a call and we’ll be right out. Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Hotpoint, GE are just a few of the brands of stoves and ovens worked on every day by the pros at Bellevue Appliance Repair.

City-Pro Gilbert dishwasher repair
Dishwasher Repairs

We repair, maintain and service most brands of dishwashers such as: Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Mautag, GE and more. If your dishwasher not draining or not cleaning your dishes give us a phone call.

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